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Epic Failure: Arizona Summit Law School Posts First-Time Passage Rate of 24.6 Percent on July 2016 Arizona Bar Exam

Outlandish Results: On October 18, 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry that was labeled “Law School Posts Worst Bar Exam Passage Rates In Its Existence, Drags Down Entire State’s Passage Rates.” Enjoy this opening:

“This summer, we regaled our readers with the tale of one for-profit law school’s plan to keep its low-performing students from taking the bar exam — and then failing the bar exam — immediately following graduation. The law school now requires that all students with GPAs below a 3.33 take and pass a mock bar exam as a graduation requirement, knowing full well that such a requirement may preclude countless students from being able to graduate and further sully their otherwise abysmal bar exam passage rates. 

Prior to implementing this plan, the law school allegedly offered graduates a four-month, intensive bar preparation program with a $5,000 stipend and called graduates the day before the exam and offering a $10,000 stipend for them to defer taking it. The institution in question is Arizona Summit Law School (formerly known as the Phoenix School of Law), and now that the results from the July 2016 administration of the Arizona bar are out, it’s time to see if anything this school has done to better prepare its graduates for the test has worked out. Thus far, nothing has helped Summit graduates: 

[Chart showing a 28.4% overall bar passage rate on February 2016– along with a 38.1% success score for first-time takers – from the trash pit known as Arizona Summit Law Sewer]

As we noted previously, according to a press release from the Supreme Court of Arizona’s Committee on Examinations, the overall pass rate for the July 2016 exam was allegedly 53 percent. As it turns out, the overall pass rate was even worse than that — the true overall pass rate for the July 2016 exam was 52.9 percent. At the time, we wondered whether Arizona Summit had yet again derailed the results to allow for the state’s worst bar-passage rate in more than a decade. The school-by-school pass rates were released yesterday, and we can now confirm that this is indeed what happened. 

Just how poorly did Arizona Summit Law graduates perform on the July 2016 exam?.. 

[Chart highlighting Arizona $ummiTTTT’s 24.6% first-time passage rate for July 2016] 

This is Arizona Summit’s worst bar exam performance to date. This is atrocious. “It’s despicable that this school continues to admit students, many taking on $100,000+ in debt, knowing that their chances of ever practicing law are slim to none. I hope AZ Summit loses their accreditation after this,” said one Arizona attorney. Here are some thoughts from one of the school’s graduates as to who may really be to blame: 

It’s not a Summit; it’s Death Valley. The time has come for Dean Mays to pursue other endeavors. Since Dean Mays came onboard in the fall of 2010, bar pass rates have gone from 82% for first time writers in February of 2011 to 24.6% for the same group in July of 2016. The game is over and the students and alumni are the ones that are losing.” [Emphasis mine]

Yes, it’s a big surprise that if you admit and enroll waterheads, then bar pass rates will end up in the toilet, right?!?! Of course, this for profit trash pit will continue to accept cretins – and take their student loan money.

Other Coverage: On October 19, 2016, solid JDU contributor “ichininosan” posted a thread that was entitled “Arizona Summit – First time bar pass rate below 25%.” Check out the following comments:

“ichininosan (Oct 19, 2016 - 9:16 am) 

It's true:

First time bar pass rates at this institution of higher "education": 

Feb 2014: 54.5% 
July 2014: 54.8% 
Feb 2015: 52.6% 
July 2015: 30.6% 
Feb 2016: 38.1% 
July 2016: 24.6% 

triplesix (Oct 19, 2016 - 9:21 am)

Where is the ABA?

cocolawyer (Oct 19, 2016 - 12:58 pm) 

That is what I was saying. Western was stripped for 45% first time bar passage rates. La Verne was stripped for 42% bar passage rates (side not both schools now have accreditation back...sadly). Yet a below 25% bar passage rate and no ABA action? Things have gone from bad to worse.” [Emphasis mine]

The American Bar Association cockroaches don’t give a damn about bar passage rates – or even enforcing their own paltry “standards.” This has always been a bifurcated “profession,” and these bitches and hags have been with the Biglaw and academic types since the beginning. By the way, even when the eunuchs have placed commodes such as La Verne or WhiTTTTier on probation, they have put that back on normal status shortly after the fact. After all, the organization looks out for the scammers and thieves.

Conclusion: The ABA has abdicated its responsibility to the “profession.” Then again, that is only if you believe that is their goal and charge. In the final analysis, the law school pigs are allowed to operate with near impunity, because of the lax “standards” of the racketeer influenced and corrupt organization known as the American Bar Association. Hell, the rodents may slap Arizona $ummiTTTT Law Sewer on the wrist at a later date, but such an action will be for public consumption only. They want to be seen as doing the right thing. In a just world, this school and dozens of others would be shuttered overnight – and the land turned over for petting zoos, homeless shelters, or even parking space.

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