Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Non-Sequiturs: 08.03.16

* What, exactly, did it take for Donald Trump to evadeavoid the draft? [PrawfsBlawg] * The Supreme Court just temporarily blocked a court order allowing a transgender teen to use the bathroom according to their identity. [CNN] * Just in time for your $180K scale... Eric Schneiderman loses a talking point, and New Yorkers can all go back to making a killing at DraftKings. [Associated Press] * FBI arrests DC law enforcement officer for helping ISIS. If he was as good a terrorist as DC is at policing, then maybe we should have left him out there. [ABC News] * The battle over tougher bar passage standards rages on. [WSJ Law Blog] * And the Tim Kaine love letter about law school. [ABA Journal] * A good website really is key to a thriving, modern law practice. [Reboot Your Law Practice] * The ten-year anniversary of the tragic murder of Robert Wone. [Who Killed Robert Wone?]

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