Saturday, August 6, 2016

News Flash: The Law School Pigs Do Not Give One Damn About Minority Students or Graduates

ABA Seeks Higher Bar Passage Rates and Pisses Off the Rodents: On August 3, 2016, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog published a Jacob Gershman piece that was entitled “Tougher Bar-Passage Standard for Law Schools Sparks Objections.”  Look at this opening:

“Bar-exam passage rates and racial diversity are two flashpoints in the legal industry. The two are now bumping against each other as the legal establishment weighs a proposal to tighten law school accrediting standards. legal education reporter Karen Sloan reports: 

Factions are again forming in the battle over the American Bar Association’s bar-passage standard for law schools, with diversity and consumer advocates at odds over a proposal to strengthen the rule. 

The ABA is considering a plan that would require 75% of a law school’s graduates who sit for a bar exam to pass the test within two years. The proposal has been floated amid a perplexing trend of declining bar exam scores nationwide and increasing attention on the racial make-up of the profession. 

A number of law school deans and the largest nationwide black law student association are objecting to the proposed standard, expressing concern about its potential impact on schools with larger minority student populations. 

If adopted, the new standard would “jeopardize the existence of traditionally minority law schools and ultimately erase the profession’s modest gains in diversity over the last several decades,” states a July 29 letter co-signed by the deans of more than a dozen law schools. The deans represent schools “designed to serve historically underrepresented minority population,” including Howard University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University and Florida A&M University.” [Emphasis mine]

These ass monkeys conveniently “forget” to mention that by attending a garbage law school, the student – minority or non-connected white – is already limited in his job prospects, from Day One. Biglaw firms are not going to hire your TTT educated carcass, and the federal government would rather hire a gerbil than give you a chance. Later on, this gem:

“Proponents of the 75% rule say low-performing schools aren’t advancing the goal of greater diversity. 

“Graduates who fail the bar exam cannot diversify the profession. Instead, these graduates suffer substantial personal and financial costs,” wrote Ohio State University law professor Deborah Jones Merritt, who studies legal education. “Maintaining the accreditation of law schools with poor bar passage rates, on the contrary, is a counterproductive way to diversify the profession.” [Emphasis mine]

That is crystal clear! If you cannot pass the damn bar exam, then you cannot obtain a law license – with the exception of Wisconsin candidates who attended law school in the state. Furthermore, if firms or clients are unable or unwilling to pay for your legal services, then you cannot make a living as an attorney. How the hell is that person adding to the diversity of the “profession”?!?!

The TTTT LeTTTTer: On July 29, 2016, a total of 20 cockroaches wrote a comment letter to the ABA Council for the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. Check out this filth:

“We, the undersigned deans of ABA-approved law schools, the National Bar Association, the Society of American Law Teachers, East Bay La Raza Lawyers Association, and former Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso of the California Supreme Court, strongly object to the Council’s proposed changes to Standard 316. In contrast to the American Bar Association’s history of narrowing the opportunity of minorities to enter the legal profession through law-school admissions quotas and other barriers, the ABA today extols the virtues of diversity and the need to welcome more African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans into the profession, which, disturbingly, remains one of the least diverse in the country. 

The Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has, nonetheless, proposed a set of changes to Standard 316 that would, if adopted, jeopardize the existence of traditionally minority law schools and ultimately erase the profession’s modest gains in diversity over the last several decades. Moreover, the proposal would place minority bar examinees at a distinct disadvantage relative to their non-minority counterparts. 

Diversity Set Back Decades

Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos currently constitute a little over 30 percent of the country’s population. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, a mere 4.6 percent of American lawyers are African American and 5.1 percent are Hispanic or Latino, and the ABA has made little recent progress in improving these numbers. Over the last fifteen years, for example, the number of black lawyers has grown an anemic 1.2 percent and the number of Hispanic lawyers has increased by less than one percent. Minority communities, it should come as no surprise, remain woefully underserved.” [Emphasis mine]

These bitches and hags are vile, sick people. They are not concerned that minority JDs typically have fewer connections, or that they also incur outrageous sums of NON-DISCHARGEABLE debt. They are also more prone to attending ABA-accredited dung heaps and cesspits.

Conclusion: The pieces of trash who wrote and co-signed that letter to the ABA could not care less about dark-skinned law students or graduates. Hell, they don’t give a wet fart about poor whites who enroll in law school. They simply want to keep the scam rolling along – and they will use any pretense at their disposal. 

Take a hard look at all of the excrement piles on that list: St. Thomas University, Howard, Thurgood Marshall Sewer of Law of Texas Southern University, Southern University Law Cesspool, University of the District of Columbia, North Carolina Central University, Florida A&M, Loyola University New Orleans, Barry University, Widener, Golden Gate Commode of Law, VermonTTT, Western State Commode of Law, Mississippi College Sewer of Law, California Western, WhiTTTTier, TTTTouro Law CenTTTTer, University of La Verne, TJ$L, and Florida Coastal. Do you see one single quality program in that entire lineup?!?! That speaks volumes about the swines’ motivation.

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