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Arizona Summit Law School Will Require Its Students to Pass Mock Bar Exam, Before They Can Graduate

For Profit Excrement: On August 17, 2016, the ABA Journal published a Debra Cassen Weiss piece that was entitled “Arizona Summit Law School seeks university affiliation, requires mock bar exam passage.” Check out this opening:

“Updated: The Arizona Summit Law School is taking a new step in a bid to bolster its reputation. 

The school plans to partner with a major university, Above the Law reports. 

Summit president Don Lively says in a press release that the school is “negotiating with a few universities that share our mission and values.” Among other things, the affiliation will strengthen Summit’s reputation, make its program more affordable and reduce tuition dependence, according to Lively.

The school is also taking some steps to improve its first-time bar pass rate. Only 30.6 percent of first-time test takers from the law school passed the July 2015 bar exam, and only 38.1 percent of first-timers passed in February 2016. 

One of the steps, noted in the press release, is a program that targets students who are members of historically or economically disadvantaged groups. It offers full scholarships plus $5,000 in living expenses to students with an LSAT score of 150 or above. 

Above the Law reports on a second step being taken by the school. 

The blog obtained an email informing students that beginning in May 2017, they will have to pass a mock bar exam as a graduation requirement. The email signed by Dean Shirley Mays strongly encourages students to take the school’s bar preparation class and notes that it can be taken for credit.” [Emphasis mine] 

What the hell did you expect, bitches?!?! You admit people with garbage LSAT scores. Did you think that was going to translate into decent bar passage rates? Then again, all you pigs thought about was getting your hooves on those federal student loan dollars!

TTTT Email From the Dean: On August 17, 2016, Staci Zaretsky posted an ATL entry that was labeled “Law School Notorious For Graduates Failing The Bar Exam Makes Passing Mock Bar Exam A Graduation Requirement.” Below is the conclusion of the email from Cockroach Shirley Mays:

“While we are confident that our graduates have the potential to succeed, it also is clear that all of us need to make adjustments in response to our graduates’ recent bar exam performance. In balancing your interest in keeping your fall schedule with the responsibility we have to make you bar ready before you graduate, we have reconsidered and removed the graduation requirement that December 2016 and May 2017 graduates take the pre-bar prep class. We want you to take ownership of your success and make your own informed decision based on what is best for you… 

I strongly encourage each of you to take the pre-bar prep class. It will help prepare you to take the bar exam. The pre-bar prep class will have as a final a mock bar exam which will contribute significantly to your grade. Taking the mock bar exam will afford you the opportunity to receive feedback about your strengths and areas of improvement going into the bar exam. It also will give you a taste of what you will experience two months after graduation as you prepare for the February or July 2017 bar exam… 

Please note, effective with the May 2017 graduates, even though taking the class is not a requirement, a passing score on a mock bar exam will be a graduation requirement. We will share these specifics in a subsequent email early next week.

Warm regards, 

Dean Mays” [Emphasis mine]

It’s nice to see that this wench has such confidence in her students’ abilities to pass the bar exam, huh?!?! Also, it always comes down to the lemmings “taking ownership” of their own success or failure.

Other Coverage: On August 20, 2016, OTLSS featured a dybbuk post titled “Arizona Sadist Law School To Increase its Bar Passage Rate by Preventing its Students from Graduating Until They Can Pass a Mock Bar Exam.” Enjoy the following excerpt:

“Beginning with the graduating (or, uh, possibly not graduating) class of 2017, students at ASLS will be required to pass a school-designed mock bar exam prior to receiving their JD. This is reminiscent, somewhat, of the so-called "baby bar" that California administers to students at unaccredited law schools. Of course, unlike at Sadist, the California baby bar is designed by the state's Committee of Bar Examiners, not by the individual schools, is initially administered at the end of the first year of legal study, and its passage rates are collected and reported. So students at these schools have clear expectations and early feedback. 

In response to an inquiry from the ABA Journal, Sadistic Dean Shirley Mays pricelessly griped that her school’s bar passage rate would be 42%, or even 46%, instead of 30%, but for the fact that its best students routinely transfer to other schools. For a sports analogy, imagine how delighted you would be as a diehard fan of a perennial last place team if the coach complained that the team might still be in last place,but by a lesser margin, if only its best players would stop accepting mid-season offers to play for better-performing rivals.” [Emphasis mine]

The commode is feigning concern for its graduates’ fate. As long as the check clears, that is all that matters. 

Conclusion: Do you see real law schools cooking up such nonsense?!?! Listen up, Arizona $ummiTTTT Law Sewer students: Take ownership of your failure on the bar exam. But make sure to enroll here, and stay for the full three years. Despite your 143 LSAT score, we believe that you can achieve great things. Go out there and change the world! If you can’t get a law license, then you can certainly make a difference at State Farm or at Costco. Do your TTTT proud!

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